Saturday, March 14, 2009

Got my head fixed!

So some may recall the incredibly stupid thing I did about 6 weeks ago when in a fit of PMS madness/depression I decided to colour my hair. Not so unusual as I have coloured my hair for the last 20 years. But this time it went horribly wrong.

First of all, I dye my hair blonde. I used the same colour for many years and then the bastards went and discontinued it. So I was left adrift in a sea of shades and options. My last blonde colour was a platinum blonde.

At Christmas I decided to go light auburn. It turned out ok and I really like it. Which got me thinking..I could do this whole dark funky red thing. It's gotta be easier than keeping up the blonde. WRONG!

In February I picked up a box of beautiful Cinneberry Auburn. It was gorgeous on the box, not so much in my hair.

The first couple of inches of my hair were a fabulous red and the midshaft of my hair was BLACK!!! Oh it was horrible. I cried. Big J cursed. Little J asked "Why Mommy Why?"

It was a semi-permanent colour so it should have washed out in 28 shampoos. HELL NO!
6 weeks later and colour was still staining my towels.

Hubby had bought me a 'hair colour' for Valentines Day and today I used it.

The hairdresser had a good laugh at my story, tears streaming down her face when I asked if I could go straight back to blonde. My only alternative was to hack off what I could and blend in the rest.

I'm quite pleased with the end result. I don't look like "me" yet but its getting better.


You can clearly see the black sections in my hair


Very short and colourful

So hows that for a post about nothing? Seinfeld would be proud


  1. I bleached my hair blond when I was in high school and then spent a week in the pool. Surprise, my hair turned bright green. I got a trip to the salon after that one. But not before I had to live with green hair for a week. Good times.

    The after picture looks awesome! I like the cut, too!

  2. The after is great! I'm jealous! I have totally thought I could pull off a color, only to find out I couldn't.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    I'm still getting used to it being soooo short!
    I feel like a 12 year old boy. :)

    I've made a blood oath to never ever screw with my hair again. It's a job best left to professionals.

  4. I love the new do! It's fab! Yes...only stick with the professionals. They are highly trained. Well...some are.

  5. Sooo loving the cut and color. Beautiful!