Monday, March 2, 2009

Pissed off Deities

At some point in this life {or as I beginning to suspect..a previous life} I must have really rattled some Deity's cup of tea because Karma is biatch and she's after me.

Remember my 'missing' license.....well it's not so missing anymore.

My darling husband comes up to me and asks me where his favorite Joe Boxer undies are. How would I know? I don't go near his laundry, especially his underwear {I've heard the sounds his arse makes in the bathroom.... I ain't going anywhere near that}
Hubby is convinced that I have purloined his precious pantaloons.

So to humour his cranky-ass, I start rooting through the laundry {I have laundry issues which are a whole other conversation} as I start on the 3rd basket..lo and behold! What should fall onto the floor? My damn license. %^##!!!!

I have spent countless hours on the phone with various government agencies, spent a butt-load of $$ and plenty of sleepness nights worrying about getting my ID in time to fly next month and not to mention worrying about identity theft.Worst of all, it was a pretty damn good picture!!!

And all along, it's been sitting all warm and cozy in my laundry pile{s}.

Somehere out there, some higher being is having a hearty laugh at my expense.

ps..hubby did find his was in the wrong drawer. Dork-stick.


  1. I think you learned a valuable lesson here. You should humor his cranky ass every time you lose something!

  2. I am convinced that God has a sense of humor, loves irony and me in crisis amuses him.
    either that or
    Long ago in a previous life I was a complete ass (not a 1/2 ass or wise ass) and I really pissed off half of a pantheon. I think the ringleader is the god of sleep and lost socks. I can NEVER find either.

  3. I had to lol at you saying it was a good picture! I would have been thinking the same thing. so vain! lol

  4. Oh-I am sure God laughed his ass off the day he created me.

    Laughed. His. Ass. Off.

  5. See! I just know the laundry-gods are out to get us...

  6. That sounds like my kind of luck. Thank goodness you found it, though, right?

  7. Oh I am feeling the love tonight guys!

    Most responses EVER!!

    Ya'll rock. :)