Monday, March 9, 2009

The Gods Must Be Crazy...

Today we had some wild weather.

At 2pm, I was outside without a jacket, It was about 10C and the sun was shining. I was playing with the macro setting with my camera...

And by 4pm we had this...

And this guy ended up in my backyard...

I can't wait for summer!


  1. Definitely ONLY in Canada would you go from 10C to that much snow in a few short hours! Spring needs to come NOW!

  2. It's crazy! It's Monday morning and it's still snowing. But only in some areas. I work 7mins away and they have hardly any snow yet we have at least 8cm.

    I moved to the West Coast to get away from this kinda crud.

  3. Wow! Your weather is almost as sporatic as Oklahoma! You need to travel south if you want out of that dreary snow! I love the pics though!

  4. Holy cow! That is some serious schizo weather!