Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Flu or not to Flu.....

I have a dilemma in my head.....well one of many but that's beside the point here.

Get the swine flu shot or not, and more importantly, do I get it for Little J.

A month ago when the vaccine rolled into clinics across this great land of ours *cough* *cough* and multitudes of panicked folk lined up for hours to get their shot but if and only if you fell into a high risk group. Clinics quickly ran out and shut their doors, professional and semi-professional sports teams jumped the line and people freaked out that they would not be able to get their shot.

Now according to the head health dude there is enough vaccine available for every God fearing, law abiding Canadian to get a shot.

My reason for not getting it and having to make the decision has been yanked out from under me. Damn it all to hell.

I have never had the flu shot and given the fact that I will get any illness circulating around, I have not had the flu in several years *knock on wood*. Having worked with the public for the last 22 years *gasp* I am amazed I haven't contracted Ebola. I've seen what people do to their money and where they put it *shudders*.
I don't care what people think when I spray Lysol on the debit machine as soon as they put it down. :P Last week our store received a shipment of PERSONAL FLU KITS.
I shit you not people..the Personal Flu Kit contains a face mask, one-time use thermometer and not one but two antiseptic wipes. All this can be yours for only
$2.98CAN. Hurry! At this price they won't last long. Give me a freakin break.....

It's the kid I'm really waffling about. While I want to give him any chance I can to keep him healthy do I really want to inject him with a virus? What if he's the one of the few who have an adverse reaction? I was the mom at the Dr's freaking out during their kids vaccinations. I delayed the MMR and held my breath and prayed like crazy that nothing would go wrong. (told you I had issues) Little J is a very healthy kid, he has his daddy's immune system and I can count on one hand how many times he's been sick. Do I do more harm than good by vaccinating or not vaccinating?

With so many other concerns out there: HFCS, Red Dye #40, BPE, MSG and who knows what other 'cancer causing' ingredients will be uncovered in Little J's favorite foods, do I want to inject more chemicals into him??

This parenting gig is hard. I should be worrying about Little J's Christmas list...the little stinker wants a DSi but will accept a regular DS if he has too. WTF?? He's 5...what does he know about hand held video games?? The whole school thing is a bad influence on him :) See...yet another dilemna....

I should just stop thinking so hard.