Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 1st?

So if I suddenly go *POOF* and cease to exist in cyber-land you know I fell victim
to the nefarious 'Cornficker' worm.

Hide your women, children and laptops folks. Lock your doors and draw the curtains.

I hope to still be here, un-infected on April 02/09.

Fare thee well my friends, and I'll see you on the 'other side'

Thanks for the memories :)

{and if I am infected....I'm stealing all your banking information} Mua-hahaha!


  1. I think it's another Y2K scare. A whole lotta nuttin'. Of course, because I said that, I'll be the first one hit.

  2. oh no ....how did this happen ... have you been a naughty bloggie babe !! blogging around too .... get better !! le

  3. That worm scares me to death! I paid the Dell peeps last week to clean 'er up so I think I'm virus/worm free! YAY ME!

  4. Ummm I know nothing of this worm...am I in trouble??? Sure hope not!