Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leave yer poo at home!

I thought I had seen it all when it come to poo. I had dogs growing up and I was on doo-doo cleanup. I have cats and do the litter. I've changed diapers and I have a husband who visits his 'throne' several times a day.

Now poo in public is a different story. At work I mean. I've plunged plugged toilets.{and I'm quite good at it} Once I even had to clean up dog crap in my aisles during back to school chaos

But what happened today really really really blows my little mind.

On Sunday morning someone, somehow, broke the toilet in the men's public washroom at work. Really broke. As in broke it off it's base and tilted it onto it's side. Nice huh?

We tape it off with an Out Of Order sign and put in for a service call.

Fast forward to today. Hot Plumber-dude shows up to fix the afore mentioned toilet.

I point him in the direction of the john, stare at his butt as he walks away and go about my duties.

Hot Plumber-dude comes back a few minutes later, ashen faced. He asks "Do you know what's in there?"

I reply "Um a broken toilet?" batting my eyelashes {it's much harder to flirt as a brunette by the way...}

He responds with "Ya, a broken toilet, full of excrement and toilet paper up to the rim and seeping onto the floor."


It's not like they could have used it by accident... the Out of Order sign, the tape across the stall door, the toilet broken off it's base and lying on it's side. The lack of flushing. It could not have been more obvious that that toilet was not ready for pooping!

What the hell is wrong with some people!


Kudos to Hot Plumber Dude for not barfing all over the floor as he cleaned that un-holy mess up. $800 later and I have a working, flushing, upright toilet.

Did I mention that Hot Plumber Dude is really cute? As in run-away-together-and-make-beautiful-plumber-babies cute?? Le Sigh.

Yin and Yang my friends. Yin and Yang.


  1. Hot plumber dude may not have barfed...but I think I'm going to...after that mental picture...ewwwwwwww!!!

  2. Hot plumber dude may be hot... but I bet he smells like crap at the end of a long hard day.

  3. Hysterical and awful all at once. I would be amazed, except I worked in bars and restaurants for 10 years and am no longer capable of surprise at what people will do. They are disgusting and inconsiderate. Period.

    We had a phone service guy like that. It was right after Sophie was born, so you know I was looking H.O.T. It was honest to blog like it is in the movies when people can't talk to someone who is too goodlooking. Clearly, I made a great impression. Mmm, just thinking about him.

  4. I might be sick. I'll send you the picture of that since you just gave me a mental picture from hell.

    I have NEVER seen a hot plumber guy. I'm sooo wishing you would have snapped a pic of that hot ass! DARN YOU!

  5. Seriously, he was hot! I'll have to pull surveliance video and post it here!

    Is that legal to do? LOL!

  6. ...And THIS is why I have issues pooing in places other than my own home.