Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Husband Part 3

Dear Husband,

DO NOT put the dog's shampoo in the same place mine is. I will end up using it.
Should you do this again I will be forced to put the tube of Prep-H in your toothpaste holder.

My coat is nice and shiny and my head smells like a Milk Bone.


Your Dog-er..Wife.


  1. Haaaaa. My very ADD ex bf gargled with an all purpose cleaner I left on the bathroom sink. He said it had a nice lavender scent.
    Okay. ~Mary

  2. Thanks for the bust my gut laughing session. My husband doesn't touch anything around here and for that very reason. lol.

  3. Too funny!! What kind of shampoo is it? Mine's not doing so much for my hair lately, maybe I need to try the dog stuff.

  4. Oh my...too funny! I've often worried that I would grab our dog shampoo instead of mine. Hope you don't develop a taste for doggie treats! :)