Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Times!

As you probably figured out from my Dead Bunnies post, I like to find odd things to amuse me while at work.

My last amusement was Avril Lavigne. For those that may not know Avril is some upstart Canadian Rocker Chick. {Google if you like, go ahead, I’ll wait….}

So anyways, we had a life-size cardboard cutout of Avril for a Rebel Camera promotion we were running. Avril freaked me out all the time as I would catch her out of the corner of my eye on the sales floor. The promotion ends and poor Avril is destined for the cardboard baler until……..

I get an idea

A fantastic, deliciously evil idea.

Every time I worked the closing shift {and that week I closed 3 nights in a row} I was going to leave Avril someplace unexpected to freak the be-jeebus out of the opening manager.

Night 1.. Avril was lying in wait in the GM office, right in front of the door. I turned the lights off so the opening manager would turn on the lights and BAM! There’s Avril.

Night 2 .. Avril was tucked behind the recycling bin in the corner by the lunchroom. As the opening manager {a different one} came down the hall, rounded the corner BAM! There’s Avril

Night 3…Avril was hanging out in our front cash office, sort of tucked between the safe and filing cabinet. BAM! There’s Avril. {got the 3rd manager this time}

On Day 4 I was informed that poor poor Avril was no more. She had been baled. *sob*
I was even shown her flattened cardboard body.

On Day 5 I opened. Walked into the front cash office, opened the safe and ACK! There was Avril’s head sitting in my safe. I damn near peed my pants. I was got good.

I decided to retire Avril and she is now happily hanging out above the whiteboard in the office.

My fellow managers were relieved.

I am once again bored.

I only wish I had pictures.


  1. OutSTANDING! You are my kind of people!!!

  2. you make me laugh! The people I work with suck.

  3. You're killing me! You should have videotaped some of those!

  4. BRAVO!!
    Well played madam! well played indeed.

  5. Our friends had a life size cut out of Homer Simpson and when we came home from vacation one year I had to pee really bad-like the type of "really bad" that makes you jump out of the car before it has come to a stop bad. Well, I am running into the house-open the door and BAM! There is Homer Simpson.

    Needless to say... I had to change my pants.

  6. I love the fun you have at work!!! Next time I demand pictures.