Thursday, March 26, 2009

And this is why.....

......God makes puppies, kittens and babies so damn cute. It's so you don't try to stuff them in a closet.

Never having had a puppy before I really had no idea what lay in store for me.
It can't be harder than a baby right? Right?


Holy crapola this little fur-ball has me working hard. Up every 2 hours to let her out to pee. Standing in the dark backyard, plastic bag in hand calling "Go poops Tahoe, go poops" at 5am in the pouring rain is not my idea of a good time.

She gets so excited when let out of the kitchen that she promptly pees on the hardwood floors, even if she was just outside. She does understand that in the kitchen she she pees on the pad...the pads are exactly like the ones they use in the hospital after surgery etc. Sheesh, had I known that 5 years after having my c-section that I might need some of those pads, I would have 'borrowed' some. {yes I am a packrat}

At least I can finally use the baby-gate we got as a shower present 5 years ago. Not having stairs we never needed it till now.

The 2 previous furry rulers of the household are not liking the new addition. The Boys have been bug-eyed and puffed-up for days now. And what is it with cats moving in s.l.o.w. m.o.t.i.o.n. when they are freaked out? Do they think they become invisible? Of course puppy wants to play when she sees them and bounds up, a wriggling bundle of energy, and wonders why the cats are no so receptive. Soon enough she'll get the idea that a hissing kitty does not want to play.

But oh my goodness... she is adorable and sweet. Big J had already taught her to sit. And she does..every single time. My dog is a genius.

We have introduced to the neighbours dogs. One is a 4 month old pittbull who is very nice and the other one is some sort of black dog that looks like a hairy pig. They all play quite well together.

Tahoe also had a half-brother in the neighbourhood who is 6 months older. Same dad different moms. I noticed the other dog at the school yard and started chit-chatting with the owner. Turns out we got the dogs from the same breeder.

If you have made it this far in my puppy-love induced rambling...I will reward you with some pictures. :)


My folks do not know about the puppy. I invited them to come over on Friday to help me 'work in the garden/flower beds'. My mom is going to shit her pants. Maybe Tahoe will pee on her. I shoud be so lucky.


I just finished waxing the hardwoods...poor puppy gets ZERO traction now and just sort of collapses on the floor. And then she looks up at you with the "WTF?" look and whimpers. That will teach her for peeing on my floor. :)


Little J is 'helping' Big J build a doghouse. I hear yelling {Big J} and crying {Little J}. I think it's going well.


The neighbours pig/dog won't go home. He's been watching me eat dinner for 20mins.
It creeps me out



  1. You wax your hardwood? Man, you are an overacheiver!

    I love that puppy and want to snuggle it!!

  2. But she is SOOO cute!

    My husband keeps trying to talk me into getting a puppy. Not gonna do it.

  3. Oh, did you want me to warn you??? Cause I guess I didn't lol. The puppy stage is not fun...been there!

  4. Tahoe is adorable! We are having the same problems with Chloe, our puppy, and her peeing! We take her out for 20mins only for her to come in to pee and poo! UGH! But it will get better, right? Oh, I hope so since my children are hopelessly in love with her!
    Cute blog!!