Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dead Bunnies

I kill Bunnies.

And Reindeer.

And I like it!!!!

Chocolate ones that is. :)

You know the Lindt Gold ones with the bell around the neck that come out at Xmas and Easter. Ya, those are the ones I mutilate and eat.

Of course, I just can't take one off display, shred the tinfoil in a frenzy and chow down. I have to ensure said chocolate is 'un-saleable'.

I try to be creative in my attempt to render the poor chocolate treats un-saleable.

At Xmas I had several Rudolfs attempt to fly off the top of the service register, only to crash to the ground and shatter into tiny bite-size pieces. And by 'fly' I really mean 'hurl violently'.

Still more somehow got run over by wild, out of control shopping carts.

It's a sad sight, it truly is.

So far, 4 bunnies have mysteriously met with an untimely demise and 1 has even been held for ransom. A note was left on the GM desk with the bunnies bell and a demand for 1 million dollars. Unfortunately, the demands of the ransom were not met and the bunny didn't make it.

Today I crushed one in the automatic doors. It was yummy.

Does this make me a bad person, or just someone who plays inappropriately with food?


  1. plays with your food? Pfft, I think we need to put you in charge of National Defense!

  2. Those poor bunnies...if only they weren't so yummy! lol.