Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost and Found

I have become one of 'those' people. You know the ones. The crazy people who drop big bucks on their........animal. The people you silently pity and openly mock.

I actually bought the damn dog freakin reindeer antlers and a jingle collar for Christmas. Ya, the holiday that happens in oh, about 8 months. In my defence, it was 70% off so it was a bargain. Petcetera is going bankrupt so we headed over to pick over the leftovers like rabid vultures. The dog got MORE chewy toys {anything to save my slippers}, and the kitties got catnip and food.

If the puppy would stop peeing on my kitchen floor I would be so happy. There always seemed to be a puddle of pee right in front of the stove, even though the dog was outside and the floors had been mopped and dried. It would just appear. Big J was convinced it was a vision, a sign of Divine Intention like a weeping Madonna or the image of the Virgin Mary burned into a piece of toast.

I burst that bubble pretty quickly when I pulled out the broiler drawer to peek under the stove. Oh sweet mother of pearl.....there were things under there I didn't even know we lost!

2 matchbox cars
1 tennis ball
3 balls of unknown origin
6 pieces of lego
2 fridge magnets
The letters D, X and Q
1 water bottle
2 beercan tabs
Dust Bunnies the size of Okla-by-god-homa.
$4.92 in coins
5 pens
1 broken salt shaker

So I guess the dog would pee and it would run under the stove and then seep back out. The sad part is it took dog pee for me to discover {or care} that the broiler drawer pulled out. :)

And just to prove how crazy my family is, here is a video of Little J dancing and Tahoe in the tub.



  1. See! Tahoe is a good puppy....he found you 4.92. He's cute AND he makes you money!

  2. Okla-bygod-homa! Love it.

    Every time we move the sofa, I find more cat toys than I even knew we had. Not to mention, change, pens, twisty-ties, dust bunnies and a baby sock or two.

  3. Oh.mah.gawd! This is too funny!

    But hey...your son is a cool dude! LMAO!

    I heart Tahoe. What a little cutie!

  4. $4.92?!?! I need to go look under MY stove!