Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calgon take me away

Things you don't want to hear while you are in the bathtub attempting to relax....

In no particular order:

Daddy! Hit me in the nuts again!

Uh-oh. Sshhh don't tell mommy.

Daddy, did you know that boogers are just crunchy snot? See? It tastes funny.


Daddy your feet smell like dog breath

Daddy, did Mommy like that glass thing we just broke?

Daddy, lets hide the bananas so Mommy has to put a cookie in my lunch tomorrow.


Daddy I think I broke my brain and it's bleeding invisible blood. See?

Honey where is the duct-tape?

Mommy is in the tub for a long time. She's gonna get all ugly and wrinkled.

..........and this is why I don't leave the 2 of them unattended :)


  1. SO true. What's a momma supposed to do to get ANY relaxation? Ughhh...

  2. I can laugh about it...NOW. :)

    The 2 boys decided to gear up in their hockey stuff and play dodge-ball in the playroom.
    They broke a god awful vase I got for Xmas. I'm not sorry to see it gone but I can't let them know that!