Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Kingdom for a Good Nights Sleep.

I love my husband. I really do. But we should not sleep together. EVER.

Those folks in the 60's had it right with the separate twin beds....heck, separate bedrooms is even better. My folks sleep in different rooms, my In laws sleep in different rooms and they are perfectly happy well-rested individuals.

I am what one would call a fussy sleeper. Room must be completely dark, silent, gotta have my pillows and blankets and for the love of God, do not attempt to touch me when I am sleeping or I will wake up. I'm a light sleeper, the cat farts and I'm up. It takes me a good 30-60mins to fall asleep on a good night and I'm lucky if I stay sleeping for more than a few hours at a time. It's a rare and joyous occasion when I get 6 solid hours in a row.

My darling husband on the other hand is a hard sleeper. He can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, anyhow. He sleeps like the dead and nothing wakes him up. I have had to leave in the middle of the night for alarm calls at the store many times and he has not even twitched. The phone is right beside his head, he won't hear it. His alarm is not only set to the incessant beeping but the radio is set to some bizarre station and it CRANKED UP ALL THE DAMN WAY. It goes off, I pee my pants. I still have to kick him several times to get him out of bed. He also snores, snorts, talks, flops around, hogs the bed and covers and lets not forget the farting.

Can you see how this is not compatible?

I can't go sleep with Little J as his bed is too small and he sleeps

Our next house will have an extra bedroom

And people wonder why I'm exhausted all the time. I'm hesitant to try sleeping pills because someone has to be able to wake up if something happens during the night or if Little J wakes up and needs something. There is no way Big J would wake up. He is absolutely 100% useless after he falls asleep.

I am going to try going back to bed. Sunrise is in 1.5hrs and if I can get back to sleep before then, tonight won't feel like a total loss.


Sweet Dreams!


  1. you know sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! You are just too funny. Thanks for the morning laughs.

  2. It sounds like we may be married to the same exact person! But I have 2 other bedrooms to escape to if I can't take it anymore...which happens a lot. God love them...they just can't help it.