Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hard Lessons Learned

So I lost my drivers license on the weekend. Stupid yes I know. This means a trip to the dreaded Driver Services Building. This is the place where people go in and never come out.
The closest one to me is pretty damn big and busy busy busy. You walk in, get frisked, give blood (well ok, not that) get a number and sit down to wait an eternity. Now these numbers appear to be random computer generated tickets. There are 15 wickets. There are large lcd screens hanging from the ceiling that display the current numbers being served at what window. Every so often it 'bings' and a new number and window are displayed. I never felt so insignifigant in my life. I could have dropped dead and no one would have noticed. A smart person would have pried the ticket from my cold dead hands and used it. LOL!!

So after 78 minutes (yes I timed it) my number comes up and I head up to my wicket.
Explain what happened and provide my certified copy of my birth certificate. This is where it gets fun kids....

1.Apparently because my certified photocopy is not from a bank but a credit union, it is not valid. I do not have an original. I must order one from Manitoba. $50

2. I have been married/divorced/re-married. They need to have a paper trail of all my names. I need to have the original documents for these occasions. I only have the second marriage license. I have to order the first marriage certificate and divorce decree from vital statistics $100 for both.

It doesn't freakin matter that I have a copy of my birth certificate, my social insurance card in my maiden name, a credit card and medical card in my previous married name and a credit card, medical card etc in my current maiden name.


Me losing my license is going to cost me about $200. Wonderful just freakin wonderful.

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