Saturday, February 28, 2009

Round and Round We Go

Lets talk Round-Abouts or Traffic Circles.

I don't understand why people find these so damn confusing! You can see the look of panic in their eyes upon noticing a traffic circle up ahead. They frantically look for a side street, any side street, to zip down to avoid it. They are not that complicated. I only hate them because of stupid people.

Seriously.. traffic comes from the left, traffic on your right goes first, everyone stays in the circle until your off-shoot not stop once you are in the damn circle!!!

I suppose no one has ever been killed in a traffic circle accident as no one travels more than 10kms but there are a whack of fender benders I'm sure.

It's like those stupid revolving doors some big fancy stores used to have. Maybe they still do, I don't know. I live in suburbia and shop Wal-Mart. No fancy doors here my friends.

1 comment:

  1. I think I'm guilty for being one of those frantics, NOT a stupid driver b/c I can't stand stupid drivers but just a slight panic when it comes to driving revolving doors. They aren't too common around here so I feel like I'm sucked into a whirlwind and worry about getting out. Come to think of it...continuous revolving doors probably give me the frantics as well.

    Maybe it's anything revolving.

    Great...another self-diagnoses for myself.