Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Time gone Wrong....

We went grocery shopping today. It's a family bonding experience and pretty much the only time we are all together with out a TV or computer on. Sad I know. We spend way too much time with our electronics. Little J is usually watching Teletoons, Big J is in his office on his computer and I am watching TV and on the laptop in the living room. I have been known to Facebook my husband from the living room rather than peel my arse off the couch and walk the 100ft to the office. Now that is the definition of lazy!

Ok now where was I? Oh ya, grocery shopping. So there we are, bonding over the frozen meats section having ourselves a fabulous time. We are the kind of shoppers who go up and down every aisle even if we don't need anything from it. We might miss something good if we don't. We are cruising through the pharmacy aisle on our way to deodorants when Little J suddenly shouts out "Look Mommy! Gaviscon! And Mylanta! And Pepo Bisbal for your runny bum!" "Oh Mommy can we please buy some Gaviscon, it looks so good on TV." As we pass the feminine hygiene products he spots the tampons "Mommy can we have a Happy Period?" {side note...Little J calls tampons bum stickers. I need to learn to lock the bathroom door). I was dying of embarrassment and Big J had mysteriously wandered off and left me alone with 'Rain Man'. Then in the cereal aisle... "Look! It's Oatmeal Crisp! It's good for you but you won't like it" {quoted straight from the TV commercial}. Then in the checkout line he's looking at the magazine covers and he staring at Cosmo "Oooh look at her bobbies Daddy!" Then he takes a gander at me and asks "Mommy, why don't you look like that?" Big J is biting his lip to keep from laughing, the people behind us in line are sniggering.
I am never going to bring him shopping again. I will find a different family-bonding experience in the privacy of our own home.

Later on we are eating dinner {in front of the TV} and watching the hockey game. Big J and Little J are playing a game of 'spot the ad on the boards'. So there is a Subway ad.. Little J yells out "Eat Fresh!" Again, quoting from the TV commercial.
"It's a cornucopia of goodness right Mommy?"

My kid is a TV sponge. And I am to blame.


  1. Oh no. That is not good. You need DVR and he'll never have to "learn" another commercial again. LOL! But the story is quite entertaining!

  2. When I was pregnant, I said I wasn't going to let my daughter watch any TV. Now, at 1 1/2, she watches more TV than I care to say. When I talk to my girlfriends now who are pregnant and they tell me how they don't plan to let their kids watch TV, I just smile.

  3. This post is histerical! I loved it. My hubby and I do that same thing. He is in the kitchen playing WoW and I am in the den blogging. We use google chat!
    And our oldest, quotes TV too!