Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick in the head

Holy Crapola! This cold is kicking my friggen arse. I simply cannot believe how much snot is streaming from my poor abused nose. I should run out of it soon right? I am such a big baby when I am sick, almost like a man in that regard. Everyone I interact with must be told how sick I am and what part of my body is annoying me the most. IE: runny nose, insane sinus cramp, bulging eyeballs, the squeaking in my head as it decompresses yada yada yada.

I am so tempted to call in sick tomorrow. I never call in sick. I go home early or am 'asked to leave before I make everyone else sick' but I do not call in. That is for the weak. LOL. I get angry when people call in sick. Not really at THEM but at the fact that they are sick and I am getting screwed over somehow. Yes, it really is all about me even when it's not.

Unfortunately, the district manager is 'visiting' tomorrow and I am Backdoor Betty (not nearly as exciting as it sounds...) Blah! Mondays suck.

I gotta give props to Big J as he kept Little J entertained and away from me all day.
Little J may not have eaten a fruit or vegetable but he did get a bath.

Little J did come into my bedroom before he and Daddy left for the car wash and he asked how I was feeling. What a sweet little boy. :) He gets that empathy thing from me not his Daddy whose heart is 2 sizes too small.

nitey nite


  1. Oh you poor thing!!! I hope you get better soon! Doesn't Hubby know that the rules say when you're sick, he has to take over UNTIL YOU GET BETTER?? Show him the rule book!

    I like your blog too!

  2. I hope those sickies go away soon.