Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new addiction

I have discovered a delicious new addiction. It's called Bubble Town on MSN Games.
Oh my good God......I have been playing it for about 4 hours so far tonight. It's a sickness, it really is.

I'm really hoping someone put my child to bed cause I have checked out of the building. *evil laugh*

While out and about today I noticed something. This city always smells like something. If the wind comes from the East, it smells like the fish processing plant. If it comes from the West it smells like the sewage treatment plant. If it comes from the South it smells like the ocean. If it comes from the North is smells like dead skunk. I don't need a stinkin wind sock to tell what direction the wind is coming from.

Wow, that was really random huh. Oh well.

I am having a major panic attack about my lost drivers license. {I lost it, need an original birth certificate to get it re-issued. I don't have one}. I faxed off my application for my birth certificate to Manitoba last week, they have no record of it. GRRRR! I MUST HAVE a license in 6 weeks because I have to fly out of town for a conference. I need photo ID to fly. I'm so screwed if things don't fall into line in time. Send speedy government bureaucracy thoughts!

Back to my fabulous Bubbles.


  1. Wow, that is a stinky city that you live in. Funny, LOL!!!

  2. I am addicted to Cubis on Yahoo games. I can play for hours and hours. I love it and hate it.

  3. Jen... yep it smells but it's got great scenery.

    That Girl.... THANKS for the award. It's my first ever!

    CaraBee....Oooh Cubis! I play that toooo!