Friday, February 13, 2009


Friday the 13th. Not a bad day at all over here in my little corner of the world. I did not burn down the house, crash the car or seriously maim my child. Two points for me!

We are eating a fabulous dinner of gourmet meat and bread . Yep, I went all out for our Pre-Valentines-Day dinner. Meh, I don't care. I'm too lazy to put forth the effort to cook a romantic 4 course meal that no one but me will eat because *God Forbid* it has vegetables on it.

Big J completely surprised me today by not only buying me a card but also pre-paying for a hair-cut and colour at a hairdresser. I know! I was shocked too! This makes up for the last minute gift from the gas station that I got for Christmas.
Now I have to scramble to find something for him after work on Saturday.

What is with all these women surprising their boyfriends with um ..a wedding? Pretty ballsy of them if you ask me.....dress,cake,rings- the whole shebang, not to mention a radio station and camera crew. Talk about a shotgun wedding! What if he said "no"?

Little J gets registered for Kindergarten on Monday and I am a nervous wreck! This is where my insane worrying thing gets out of hand... I am terrified that for some reason he will not be accepted the the school in our catchment. He HAS to get in as he goes to daycare IN the school already. If he gets bumped out of catchment I'm screwed for daycare. 9 other kids from his daycare are going into K this year too.
I'm just afraid that something will be wrong with his immunization record .
I know in the rational brain that the chances are slim of something going wrong but my freaky-ass brain is all in a tizzy.

Ahh, and the phrase everyone wants to hear..."Mommy I have a messy poo, come wipe my bum!" is being bellowed from the bathroom



  1. The gourmet meat and bread is a HOT DOG!

  2. What a sweet hubs you have...PRE-PAYING for hair and color! SCORE!

    Best of luck with the kinder registration. I'm sure all will go well!