Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adventures in Daycare....

Ssshhhhh! Posting from work, be very very quiet :)

This is the conversation I had this morning as I dropped Little J off at daycare.

Teacher: You have a problem
Me: (in a panic) What? What happened? How much will it cost to fix?
Teacher: J is going steady with N. It's official
Me: Huh?
Teacher: Yesterday when N's dad came to pick her up J walked up to him, stuck out his hand and introduced himself as N's boyfriend.

Holy hell on wheels Batman! The kid is 4.5 and he's going steady? He's met her parents? This is too soon. My baby boy is growing up way to fast.

I sure hope I get an invitation to the wedding. I only hope he waits until he's 48 inches tall cause then he can go on all the rides at Disney on his honeymoon.

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  1. HA!! Okay sister...you need to cut this off right now! Do you want to become a grandma in 9 months? Yep..I didn't think so.