Friday, February 27, 2009

The Day that Was

When did my baby grow up to be such a big boy? It struck me like a giant bolt of lightening from the heavens today. We were out and about running errands and we were having conversations the entire time. I know that doesn't sound like anything amazing or stupendous but in my household *I* am the only one who talks. So to spend over an hour in the car chit-chatting with Little J was pretty amazing and I'm so glad I didn't miss it. My kid is really quite funny and I love watching his sense of humour develop...I have a feeling I'll be getting lots of calls from his school about his 'class clown' silliness disturbing the class.

I was off today and dammit I was going to sleep in. Little J had other plans..I managed to hold off the Devil-child until 9am. Up until then he had been very patient, knocking and whispering "Mommy can you wake up now?". Apparently we had reached the point of no return. He flipped on the light, flopped on the bed with a 'woe is me' sigh.."Mommy! I'm going to starve to death if you don't make me breakfast right.this.second!" "You don't want me to starve do you? Grandma will be mad at you." Huh?

My birth certificate came {$70 express service my ass!} so off to Driver Services we went. There was no way in Gods green earth I was going back to the giant people processing place in my hometown so we went on a road trip to the next city over. I would much rather spend the hour driving on the highway in the sunshine singing and playing 'eye-spy' than sit in that horrible horrible cold sterile crowed waiting room. OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE! We get there and theres what, like 2 people in line?
The lady apologized for my wait when I got to her wicket..wait what wait? My kid hasn't even started destroying your lobby yet, we just got here! Little J got a 'wear your helmet' tattoo. He said thank-you {that's my boy} and then loudly proclaimed
"Can you help me put it on? My Mommy can't do it very well" Add that to the list of my faults. He also tells people I'm 'earsposible' for losing my license.
I have no business being a role model. :)

I promised Little J lunch at McD's for good behaviour as it's in the same strip mall. We walk over there {dragging Little J behind me} it's packed to the rafters and the play-place is crawling with all sorts of little folk. I convince J-man that it's a good idea to go to the other side of the wall to Burger King instead. So off we go through the fields and over the hills to Burger King only to find out..the play place is closed. %$@!%!!!!!

Other than that nothing exciting happened at all. Good for me, bad for blogging.

Little J has become oddly attached to a pair a Spiderman Gloves. They came as a set with a toque. The Toque fits fine {kids got a big melon} the gloves are way to big and the fingers are floppy but he wears them everywhere. As I type this out he is measuring my head with a ruler. I apparently pass inspection.

peace out

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  1. So funny! I get the 'starving' drama in the mornings too. It always seems to get me up though, b/c guilt sets in. Perhaps they know this?!!!