Sunday, February 15, 2009

The chocolate is on clearance!

The best part about Valentines Day? The next day when the crazy-expensive chocolate goes on clearance! Oh happy sugar-induced coma day! I think my boss was beginning to question how many chocolate hearts really were squished by the 'falling displayer' and could not be sold. *evil grin* Now I just have to fight off the rabid chocolate bunnies until after Easter.

I have nothing of value to add today. Just a bunch of random bits and pieces that I am trying to string together.

Note to my immune system... I have had enough snot. Please stop producing more. And as far as the goop clogging my lungs goes, please no more coughing it up while I am the cashier. Customers are not impressed with a cashier gasping for breath, choking and falling to her knees while they are waiting to have their purchases rung in. One oh so considerate customer looked at me and asked "Is there someone else who can do this?". Listen Fuk-tard, I am choking to death and I am so freakin sorry that it is inconveniencing you. Seriously people, get a grip. Asking if I was ok, would have gone a long way.

Big and Little J's went to the beach again today. This time the tide was out so they went looking for crabs, shells and starfish. To say Little J is a bit of a wimp is an under-statement. Big J took video of Little J screaming and running away from a teeny tiny crab. That's my big brave boy :)

Big J is no longer to do any laundry other than his own. Dumb-ass put a fuzzy toilet seat cover (cream coloured) in with his and Little J's laundry. No dryer sheet either. ALL of the clothes are now covered in white fuzz that defies the laws of physics and sticks to everything.

Walked into the bathroom earlier tonight to find Little J buck neddid sitting on the heat register again. "Please leave Mommy, I don't want you to see my privates." I was told to go pee in the kitchen sink so he could be alone while he warmed up. This kid is going to have a lot of therapy in his future. Perhaps I should start a Mental Health Fund instead of Education Fund?

PS...Wow, how bad do you have to mis-spell a word that spell-check can't fingure out what it's supposed to be???

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  1. The video is priceless, the laundry error was HUGE--big no-no in this household, and the nekkid comment was adorable!!