Saturday, July 25, 2009

WOW, just WOW.

This is an article I spied the other day.....

Now being a Canadian, where we have stricter gun laws, this kinda freaks me out. I'm all for people exercising their Second Amendment Rights but really, is this the best way to sell a car?

Having lived as an illegal alien in the US for several months in the great state of Michigan, during hunting season, where everyone had a gun rack and a dead deer slung over the hood, I can see the appeal- but an AK-47? Isn't that over-kill? {pun intended}

Discuss amongst yourselves :)

"Talk about riding shotgun …

Myriad automakers over the years have offered freebies with the purchase of an automobile, from bicycles to barbecues.

But Butler, Mo.-based car dealer Mark Muller has truly upped the ante: if you purchase a truck at Max Motors, he’ll throw in a free AK-47 assault rifle on the house.

The promotion is completely legal… well, at least in Missouri it is.

If anything, Muller is garnering global attention to his scheme. He was recently interviewed in-depth on CNN, where he staunchly defended the AK-47 promotion. Muller noted there’s a “bunch of evil in the world” and that he’s a “firm believer in the Second Amendment.”

When informed that there’s a bit of a difference between giving away, say, a hunting rifle and an AK-47, Muller remained unfazed. Next time your vehicle is swarmed by seven thugs, he told the journalist, “You’ll wish you had an AK-47.” (Methinks simply sporting a “Max Motors” decal on the rear bumper would be sufficient warning to scare off the criminal element – assuming they’ve heard about Muller’s promotion.)

To clarify, buyers won’t actually be driving off the lot in a Silverado with an AK-47 occupying the passenger seat. Rather, a new truck purchaser will receive a voucher worth about US$450 that can be redeemed at his friendly neighbourhood gun boutique.

The promotion is also hailed on the dealership's website, A photo of an AK-47 is perched next to an illustration of a cowboy sporting a couple of six-shooters. The dealership’s slogan is, “Our prices even blow us away!”

Regardless where one stands on guns, the AK-47 promotion is generating publicity faster than an AK-47 fires bullets. The dealership – which sells Chrysler, Ford and GM products – has been featured on Fox News, CNBC and even the BBC.

According to the website, feedback regarding the gun giveaway has been overwhelmingly positive. “We want to thank everyone who has emailed us and commented about our latest promotion,” notes the site. “Your support has been tremendous!”

My hunch: Muller knows full well that giving away an assault rifle is a slam-dunk way of getting noticed (and it’s far more effective that erecting the de rigueur inflatable dinosaur upon the dealership rooftop.)

Or perhaps he’s truly bought into the stereotype that pickup truck drivers in certain regions love the idea of driving around with weaponry.

Either way, Canadian consumers can forget about taking advantage of this particular scheme. While you can indeed license a vehicle purchased at Max Motors in this country, just try registering a freebie that is strictly prohibited in these parts."


  1. I live in TX where guns are.... well I'm sure you can imagine. We STRONGLY support gun laws and gun control might as well be a four letter word (yes, I know it isn't). BUT this is the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life. What an idiot. And another but, if someone did this promotion here I know several people that would go for it.

  2. This is a joke, right? No? Holy crazy Americans, Batman. So glad I live in Canada.

  3. I agree with you. This guy knew it would get him some publicity! Crazy, crazy, crazy.