Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All seeing or just plain nosey?

I have eyes in the back of my head. Seriously, I do. Just ask my kid. Or any of my employees. I seem to have a knack for knowing exactly what is happening out of sight.

I call is my 'up-to-no-good sense'.

I suppose my associates view me as the old woman/mom/manager and forget that I used to be young and did all the same tricks to goof off and screw around. I'm sure I have a few that they haven't even thought of yet. :) Little do they realize that while I'm in the back office I've got the security cameras up to watch the sales floor. Every once in a while every single sales floor associate will end up at the service desk. Which means no one is actually helping customers. That's when I do the 'Big Brother is Watching' page over the PA and get them scrambling back to the sales floor. They call it creepy, I call it effective managing. :) It creeps out my fellow managers too. The boss-man asked if I watched everybody. My reply was "You should stop picking your nose in the front cash office." *evil grin*

Little J is completely freaked out by the eyes in the back of my head. How I've managed to keep him convinced for so long I don't know. He once asked me how I always knew what he was doing,
"Because Mommies have eyes in the back of their head so they can keep track of naughty little boys"
"OOOH" he says, "Can I see them?"
"One day when you're old enough I'll show you sweetie".
"How do you not get shampoo in them Mommy?"
"Same as you, I close them really tight."

Could it really be that easy?

Poor kid had no idea that he is so loud I could hear what he was up to and he also tends to talk to his toys about what he was doing. Throw in the rear view mirror in the car and I've got all by bases covered. LOL!

Every once in a while I catch him staring intently at the back of my head.
"What are you looking at?" I ask.
He blushes and mumbles under his breath "Nuthin".
I know he's trying to spot those eyes.

I'm workin this angle as long as he believes. Wonder if it will still work when he's in high school????


  1. That was when my mother started the "if someone doesn't tell me about it, I'll dream about it."

    I still believe her.

  2. LOL My kids think I have a super power...I can apparently hear everything. Hope that skill continues for years to come too. Comes in handy!

  3. You are sneaky my friend!!! I like it a lot!!

  4. too funny. I love that he asked you how you avoid getting shampoo in them!

  5. I have that sense also but I have found, these days, I have to ignore it because so many people are doing so much wrong my head would explode if I paid attention to it all. ~Mary

  6. I love the he believes you and tries to see them.

  7. Haha...too cute that he totally believes you...I bet he catches on soon...but for your sake I hope he doesn't!