Thursday, July 23, 2009


I took Tahoe to the vet today to get spayed. When I first enquired about the cost I was told $90. This was substantially less than what other vets were charging and that's why we chose to use this particular vet. Other quotes we got were upwards of $200. What a bargain we thought......

So I drop the dog off this morning on my way to work and of course have to fill out the obligatory paperwork. Then comes page 2 and the list of 'extra' charges.

OH SWEET BABY JEEBUS! Now I know how he stays in business!

Blood work panel $70-140{I'm pretty sure that it's not necessary but it sounded good}
IV $40
Antibiotics $40
Pain relief $20/$15 for take home
Cone $15
Ear Tattoo {optional} $10
Spay $90
Random charge that I can't remember what it is $40

Worrying all day because your puppy is under the knife $Priceless

So that is $400 before taxes. Ouchie.

Plus she also has some sort of weeping wound on her cheek that started seeping last night that he needs to look at that too..... there's another chunk o' change.

Getting the dog fixed is costing me more than it did for me to birth a small human child. {and even then I *ahem* 'liberated' *ahem* extra supplies from my room to take home.}

Did I mention that Little J is all over town today on a field trip with his daycare?
Riding in a car. Did they install his carseat correctly? Is he going to wander off and they don't notice? Will he not touch the bees at the Honey Farm?

My anxiety is working on over-drive right now and I will not relax until all my creatures small and/or hairy are home tonight safe and sound. Then I will drink a very large rum and coke while I stare at the vet bill clutched in my hand and listen to a blow by blow account of how bees make honey. All will be right in my world again.

How do they expect me to get any work done today??


  1. I wouldn't be able to work either. My kid, in a car, with someone I don't really know, taking them places. That is terrifying.

    Sorry. I'm not helping am I.

  2. I hope that Tahoe is doing okay! Yikes on the Vet bill....I am so glad that my father in law is our Veterinarian!!

  3. Well, perhaps they are descended from snake oil salesmen. A vet ripped my daughter off the same way...and I even had her call ahead of time to make sure that $221 included everything. Yep. And yet when she got there, it was now magically $309. Then they sold her a puppy insurance plan for $31 a month for at least 1 year. A kind of sad lesson for a 19-year-old trying to do the right thing.

  4. Oh the fine print! Dirty pool! Thanks for the tip. Taking new kitty to new vet tomorrow:)
    Hope all vreatures human and hairy and home safe and sound!

  5. I assume all is right in your world again?? Well except of course you now have a stupidly expensive vet bill to pay!