Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why yes, I am a freak.

We are in the middle of a heat wave. High 80's, mid 90's. I love it! This is the only time of year that I am comfortable. Everyone else is sweating, hot and grumpy. I am as happy as a pig in shit. I may even break out the shorts.

As the temperatures rise and more clothes are shed, my weirdness becomes so much more obvious. I am the only person wearing pants, long sleeves and a fleece vest.

The freakin air conditioning at work is set for 65F. WTF! Isn't that Artic temperature? I am in my office frozen solid, nose running, hands and feet numb.
Customers come in and look at me shivering and ask what the hell is wrong with me.
"The air conditioning is great!" they say. Ya buddy, you try standing here for 9 hours and try not to freeze to death.

Granted, I am nothing more than a skeleton wrapped in skin and one can find me in temperatures as hot as Hades wearing a sweater and clutching a cup of hot tea.

I wear my flannel pj's {sexy I know!} and cocoon myself under my down blankets all damn year. It does get chilly at night. When camping I have been known to wear a touque to bed because I am too cold to sleep.

I would love to live somewhere tropical or at least closer to the equator.

Am I the only freak that's always cold out there?


  1. No - I'm the same way! It got worse after I spent 4 years living in Tucson - it's like it permanently reset my temperature.

    I wear pants and long sleeves unless it's at least in the 70s, and we use flannel sheets even in the summer.

  2. I have a layer of fat that keeps me warm all winter and then forgets to shed itself in the summer!

    I'm actually jealous you get to wear winter clothes all year. I LOVE winter clothes. :)

  3. People used to say its because you are so skinny. I proved them wrong by gaining weight and I am still cold. I just told my husband the other day that it hasnt been warm enough to wear shorts yet. 80's are not warm to me. Ive had my little space heater on at work this month. Its JULY!! It irritates me when people say I cant be cold. uh, yeah, I can be and I am. idiots.

  4. I used to work with someone who was like you...and another woman who was always hot. There were thermostat wars!

  5. Heat wave?! It is over 100 here and has been that way for ahwile. We are so read for a break.

  6. ME TOO! My husband likes it f-f-fr-freezing. Its a good time constant game of readjusting the AC. Heat...LOVE IT.

  7. Sorry. I'm the exact opposite. I love the cold. I was just saying that this cool wave we've been having is so nice. I'd rather be cool than hot any day.

  8. I'm a fan of the cool / cold weather myself. I honestly think my body changed since I've had a child. I'm hot natured all the time now! My husband gives me a hard time... in my car the temp is set at 65 or 80. I don't do the whole middle of the road at 74 degrees. But the 80 is only when the temp outside is below freezing. :)

  9. Ugh, I'm an icicle, too. All Year Long. My husband can't understand why I need a blanket on an 80 degree day! I guess not everyone finds the ceiling fan to be chill inducing.