Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's tough to be Tahoe

All my creatures small and hairy made it home in one piece for the most part.

Little J had a great time learning about bees and honey. He hasn't stopped talking about it for one single second. Is it bedtime yet?

My poor puppy on the other hand is slightly worse for wear. Not only did she get spayed but turns out she had a bad infection lurking under her fur on the side of her face. How could we not have noticed it? I feel soooo bad. We also got her tattooed. So belly is shaved, her head is shaved and that damn cone is not staying on. Somehow she Houdini's her way out of it. She's lying in her crate whimpering right now and it breaks my heart. It's going to be a long night.

Here are some pics of my hot mess of a dog.


  1. aww poor baby! I cant imagine that big dog with one of those collars on. Our small cat had to have one of those and he drove us

  2. That first picture is the saddest picture ever. OMG, could she look more miserable?

  3. That poor sad face....Awwww. You need a drink. That dog needs a hug. And you probably need a hug too.

  4. Oh, man! Poor pup!! I love the feet on the head, though. That one is just so cute and funny.

  5. Poor Tahoe!!! The spot on her face looks rough. I know how it is trying to keep one of those cones on....not the easiest thing to do!! Love the pic with her paws on top of her head/cone. Cute!

    As far as the dude giving away AK-47s....I think you're right in that he just wanted his face/company in the news. If he gets some sells out of it, it will have been worth it.

  6. Awww she looks so sad! Hopefully she's up and about and doing a little better after a few days rest.

    I can't get over how big she's gotten in such a short time!

  7. awwww, poor sweet doggie...I hope she is doing better now...