Friday, July 17, 2009

Farting is funny.

So little J just farted.

He called it a Blow-Fart

It's when you fart a little bubble.

Curious I asked if he named all his farts.

:rolling eyes: "Yes Mommy. It's the rule."

Rule? Whose rule?


So of course I had to know all his fart names and what I got was..

Daddy Fart... when it goes pfft..pfft..pfft.

Real/Normal Fart... no bubbles, one pfft.

Poo Fart... when you poo yourself a little

Sneaky Fart... when you can't hear it.

Dog Fart... when it smells so bad you have to cry

Little J is going to be quite the catch for some lucky lady in the future.


  1. Ahhh that is funny. LOL!!!

  2. Farting *is* funny! How creative!

  3. Is it weird that my boyfriend and little J have an awful lot in common??? lol.

  4. He forgot the "deadly but silent" but I like the dog fart better - is that the one where you blame the dog?? These are hilarious and I'm so not sharing this post with Greg, because he'd enjoy it too much. (And if we had children, he'd do the same thing.)

  5. Funny!! But gross. Aren't boys charming?