Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Random Musings

Ah Mondays. That dreadfull event that shows up every 7 days like clockwork.

I'm far too lazy to string together a coherent post but I think I can manage bullet points. I should actually be cleaning the house, going to the vet to pick up tick medicine, playing with the kid, going grocery shopping and getting dressed but hey, It's Monday and I don't care. Besides, the thought of climbing into my oven-er-car at the moment is not so appealing.

It is stupidly hot here! It's 11am and in the shade it's 32C. Which is 90F. Did I mention that was in the shade?? We are in for at least a week of record breaking temps. That is not good for forest fire season. It seems as though most of the province is ablaze. :( That means campfire bans. That means no entertainment in the evenings for our trip in 2 weeks :( That's the best part about camping...
sitting by the fire in the dark, kids running around with glow-sticks, a nice rum and coke in hand, igniting marshmallows, telling stories and having a few laughs.

So ya anyways, it's hot. We had my grandmother's 90th bday party on Sat in my parents backyard. Stupid hot. Then a fabulous thunderstorm rolled through. We don't get thunderstorms here. I've lived here since 1979 and have not seen one around these parts. It was freakin AWESOME! Sheet lightning, fork lightning, those big booming rumbles. Not to mention hail and monsoon-like rain which we desperately needed. Best part was the temp dropped about 10 degrees to be comfortable. It went on for hours. Ass-hat and I sat on the hood of the truck, in the rain, just watching.
Then we realized "hey....we have the tallest trees in the neighbourhood" Our pine/fir/evergreen trees are at least 60 years old and they are tall tall tall.
I suggested to Ass-hat that he put some tinfoil on his head and climb one of them but he didn't think it was such a great idea. {hey, he's insured!}

Tahoe is dong well. We cut down her Bell-Express-Vue cone so she can at least plop in over her dish to eat. She looks absolutely ridiculous but she has accepted the fact that the cone is staying on. We have to keep her face wound dry so poor puupy can'r even run through the sprinkler to get some relief from the heat. She is lying on the cool kitchen tile. I might join her...

Oh, it's 39C or 103F in the sun. CRAAAAAAAAZY!


  1. Sounds like our weather. Hot. Really hot. Thank God we are finally getting rain. It has been crazy this summer. Now we just have to worry about those damn hurricanes.

  2. Whew, that is hot.

    It's not so bad here in Wyoming.

  3. Send some heat this way please!

    Sucks about no favourite part of camping too!