Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Job Hunter

I'm not sure what they are teaching young folks these days but How to Apply For A Job is apparently not a life skill anymore.

This is the time of year when I am inundated with teenagers looking for summer work. I think I stopped counting at 250 resumes/applications. With the downturn in the economy and this being our slow time of year, the only positions I will be hiring for this year are seasonal part time for back to school,Aug-Sept.

As you can imagine, with so many applications to choose from, first impressions really do matter so here is a handy DO's and DONT's guide when applying for a job

DO dress up in nice clothes.

DON'T wear flip flops, short shorts and loudly smack your gum.

DO ask to speak to the manager if available.

DON'T mumble under your breath and hand your resume to my cashier and walk away.

DO have your parents drive you.

DON'T have your parents do all the talking while you stand there smacking your gum and rolling your eyes.

DO use proper English when speaking with me.

DON'T use slang and Ebonics. 'Dude' does not work for me and good gravy, is that how you would talk to my customers?

DO come for your interview a few mins early. I like that.

DON'T stroll in 5 mins late like it's no big deal and shrug your shoulders when I ask if you can tell time.

DO follow up once or twice about your application.

DON'T call me twice a week for 3 months asking why I haven't interviewed you yet.

DO show up for your first orientation shift if I hire you.

DON'T not show up for your orientation, never to be seen again. It's rude.

DO stick the the availability you gave when I interviewed you.

DON'T come to me 2 shifts in and ask to have 3 weeks off to go on vacation during our black out period.

DO take your job seriously, you may be asked to stay on permanently.

DON'T treat you job as a major social event for you to pick up chicks/guys and have your friends come in and hang out while you are working.

//end rant.

Can you tell how frustrated I am hiring this year??


  1. Can you tell how frustrated I am hiring this year??

    Just a lil. Hope you find someone in the stack.

  2. When I was leaving my job for the domestic engineer position I currently hold, I interviewed people to replace me. Many were straight out of college, but some were older. In most of the cases, they came late, underdressed and ill-prepared. It was very disappointing.

  3. Girl, do I feel for you! Teenagers are one thing...but having to interview and hire thanks. lol.

    I hope you find some good ones in that bunch.

  4. Hey, how about the one who told me she needs to leave early every Friday in the summer because "they" go to Great Adventure? OK? she said.

    One asked if we had benefits because she wanted to start a good job before she got pregnant again. Then she said her babysitter was not reliable, and she just wanted me to know that upfront.
    Yours are pretty fun too! ~Mary

  5. It's amazing really.
    It's not just "High Schoolers" either there are actually function adults who do the same thing.