Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is she insane?

The Crazy Old German Lady {my mom} calls me last night, once again at 11:30pm when she knows damn well that I'm up at 5am to go to a meeting out of town. We call her crazy for a reason.

Anyways, she asks if I know that's it's supposed to rain on the weekend. DUH! I have been stalking the weather network every hour for the last 3 days. I've offered sacrifices to the rain gods and done some weird voo-doo stuff that I'm not allowed to talk about. ;) I will do almost anything to get sunshine on Sunday.

So ya, she asks. I answer with a few select phrases best not repeated in polite company.

She then says "Why don't you call everyone to cancel and reschedule it next weekend when the weather is supposed to be nice?"

Is she freakin insane??? Just up and reschedule 45 people? A casual "Hey why don't you come out next weekend instead?" Did she forget I'll be AT WORK the following weekend? Oh ya, she said that was not a problem, she would run the party. Damn near choked on my tea when she said that. Seriously, the woman has a screw or two rattling around.

Once I stopped laughing at the utter stupidity of that idea I really had no response. She was absolutely dead serious.

I wonder how I turned out as 'normal as I did.

Well I just had to share that moment of insanity and now it's back to scrubbing.

The upside to all of this? My house will get it's twice annual rafter to floor boards clean. I'll be off the hook until Christmas.

*Sigh* I will get through this right?

Oh ya... the dog has explosive diarrhea and has been shitting in the kitchen during the day. Just flippin lovely.

I wonder if THIS made her sick? Freaky huge mushroom under the slide.

Princess Poopy Pants the Puppy waiting for some lovin


  1. holy doggie! That thing was just a puppy last week. And yeah your mom is a 'little' crazy. Did you just laugh and shake your head? I do that sometimes.
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh Tahoe is adorable!! How old is she? My father in law is a vet and he said that teething can cause the runs as well as eating something they aren't used to eating...the mushroom just may have done it! I just know your party is going to go off without a hitch! Enjoy!

  3. You'll get through it. Baby Girl's birthday is in December. Year 1, it rained, party in the garage. Year 2, it was freakin' freezing... in TX. It doesn't get cold here. 20's. House filled to the rafters. Year 3, it was so windy you could not go outside. Seriously. Party in the garage again. Year 4, I got smart and we had the party at McDonalds. I think the weather turned out fantastic.

  4. Oh my...your mother and my mother should be friends!

  5. Awww, but Princess Poopy Pants is so cute.

    Point of interest (to me anyway) - when Mini was an itty bitty baby, we called him Mr. Popcorn Poopy Pants. Because, well, it sorta smelled like popcorn. Anyway, that's what your post reminded me of. :o)

  6. Of COURSE the dog is doing that on top of everything else!

    Everything will go fine and then you are off the hook... for at least a year!

    45 PEOPLE... that's insane!

  7. Yes, that mushroom is TOTALLY to blame!!! I see a big chomp mark on it!! (or maybe it's just late and my eyes are all tired and blurry?)

  8. That thing is not a's a horse!!! Wow!

    Still praying for no rain for you...perhaps it backfired...we are getting rain tomorrow and sunny Sunday (that's what you are supposed to get!).

    You will get through this....promise.