Saturday, June 13, 2009

What will they think of next?

I'm at work today unpacking some of the stock that's come in during the week that has no home. Meaning it's a promo product and it's usually something we throw up at the till as an add-on. IE: Hand sanitizer, hand cream etc. We're getting some cool stuff in for Back to School already so for me, going through stock is like a Carnival Christmas.

I notice a product called 'Just a Drop' in a little tiny bottle. "Oh neat" I think assuming it's a mini breath freshener and plop it by the main cash register.

Later in the day one of my regular customers comes in and we are standing at the till chit chatting and he picks up a pack of 'Just a drop', reads it and bursts out laughing. "Have you seen this" he chokes out between guffaws. I, for the life of me can't figure out what's so damn hilarious about breath freshener and start to wonder if he perhaps is indicating that MY breath may not be very fresh and that I should try this product.

I politely give him 'The Eyebrow' and patiently wait for him to catch his breath to explain. He tosses me the package to read.

OH MY WORD! It IS a freshener but not for your breath.... it's for the um, other end. It's A PERSONAL FRESHENER!

And I quote..."Just a Drop is as easy to use as the name suggests. Put a drop or two into the toilet bowl BEFORE use. Just A Drop creates a deodorizing layer that effectively blocks and eliminates embarrassing personal bathroom odours. One Drop after keeps your bathroom smelling fresh."

It's for stinky poos!!! No more lighting matches, no more spraying perfume, no more slinking out of the bathroom stall after a particularly nasty dump.

Now both the customer and I are laughing like hyenas. Why is it that people bond over
bathroom humour?

I so want to buy for my general manager who does make it a habit at 9:30am every morning to leave the sales floor and spend some quality time in the mens room. I'll wrap it up nice and pretty and leave it on his desk when he comes back from vacation next week. Maybe I'll get a raise?! Last time I was sick the man sprayed ME with Lysol so this is only fair right? *evil grin*

The sad part? Someone somewhere getting paid a shit-load of money (pun intended) developed, produced and marketed this product because obviously, there was a need for it.

I really want to know what it smells like!! Is it minty? flowery? Sun-dried laundry?
Garden breeze? Ocean Delight? I just don't want to spend $6.49 to find out. Maybe I'll accidentally on purpose run it over with the pallet jack and pop it open.

Any guesses?

So wow... and entire post about personal toilet freshener. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

I so need to find me a hobby!


  1. LOL Thank god you didn't pop a drop on your tounge to test out the minty freshness!!

  2. Wow...what will they think of next lol. My boss too has a 9:30 a.m. ritual! Nasty!

  3. LMAO!!! That is too funny!!!! OMG!

  4. And it has a website...