Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Failure to communicate

The following exchange occurred at work last night while I was at the front to the store

Customer enters, looks around, spots me and walks over

Me: Hello! Welcome to "Big Box Office Supply Store"
Customer looking confused "Pants?"
Me eyebrow raised: "Pardon me?"
Customer loudly: "PANTS!"
Me trying to distinguish his heavy accent "Paint? Paper?"
Customer hopping up and down "No Pants! Need Pants!"
Me really confused: "You want pants?" pointing to my own legs
Customer excited and peering over my shoulder into the store: "Yes! Pants! Where?"
Me: "Uh you're in 'Big Box Office Supply Store'. We sell electronics and office stuff"
Customer looking very sad: "No pants?"
Me: "No sorry, all out of pants"
Customer: "No pants?"
Customer takes one last look over my shoulder: "OK No pants." stares at me for a moment to determine if I might be lying to him, sighs heavily and leaves.

I sent him to the drugstore next door. Let them have fun with that.

This is what I get paid the big bucks for folks. :) I should have told him to head down aisle 15 {which doesn't exist just to see what happened}.

Sadly that was the highlight of my evening.


  1. Was he wearing pants to begin with?!

  2. At least he had pants on at the time... sounds like that could have gone either way. :)

  3. hahahahaha! When I worked at a bank... I had a girl come in and asked to cash another banks check... i was like, "ummm... that's the bank down the street"

    I know, but can you cash it? she says.

    "Ummmm do you have a bank account here?"

    No. she says.

    "Then No I can't cash it."

    Why? She asks.

    Yea... I get ya!

  4. The best customer I ever had involved a blind lady who spoke Hindi translating for me as I tried to explain to an old man who was waving a vacuum cleaner at me that he was at the wrong store.

    I get all the wack-jobs.

  5. Looking around, how could this person possibly have thought there were pants to be had there? I am constantly surprised, although at this point you wouldn't think so, by people's stupidity.

  6. Man, I love your work stories...

    People are weird.

  7. Did he need pants b/c he was not wearing any?

  8. He had pants. Guess he wanted more?


  9. Pants at an office supply store eh?? lmao.