Friday, June 5, 2009

'Happy' hurts.

To combat the persuasive smell of "wet-dog" that has permeated my house due to the dog running through the sprinklers, I decided we would get an air freshener.

Little J and I head down to the store to check them out. It was almost as confusing as buying sunscreen. I, or rather Little J, ended up selecting one of those new fandangled motion detecting air-fresheners. OK truth be told, the kid talked me into it because he saw it on a commercial and well, if he saw it on TV it must be great. Life is pretty simple when you're 5.

The tough decision came to what scent to pick. We had about 4 of them in our hands, frantically scratching the 'sniff me' stickers arguing about which one was the best. I think they were about to call store security when Little J finally agreed to 'Island Paradise'. Who comes up with these names anyways? Plumeria Passion? Ocean Breeze {does it smell like dead fish and seaweed?} Mystical Mountain? See there I go off tangent again. Anyways.....

So we get home and LJ is sooo excited to show Daddy our new purchase. He even showed the dog, the cats and Kevin from next door who was in his driveway polishing his Harley. {why I felt the need to mention that I don't know}

Then came the task of opening the package. Um ya......WTH! Something is terribly wrong with the world when power tools and WWE wrestling moves are required to open ones purchase. For the love of Pete, it's an air freshener not radioactive plutonium!!!! Damn near lost a finger and a pint of blood but dammit all to hell, I got the bastard open.

Now where to put it? It releases a burst of fragrance when someone walks by so it had to be someplace fairly travelled. This house does not have an abundance of available outlets so the options were limited. The kitchen was out..too close to food for my liking. My morning cup of tea does not need a burst of Island Paradise. No outlets in the hallway, nothing free in the living room. Egads! We have a dilemma my friends.

We ended up putting it in the tiny alcove in the hallway/entryway. It's doing it's job and in the words of Little J it smells like "happy". I didn't realize 'happy' had a smell but I'm willing to go with it.

Problem is......It's giving me migraines. I've had one ever since we plugged it in.
So while the house no longer smells like a kennel gone wrong, I am too ill to care. And it took me a week to figure out out.

"Happy" now lives in Joshua's bedroom and the rest of the house smells like dog again.

Back to the drawing board.


  1. I'm sorry....migraines are nothing to laugh about but somehow this post made me laugh. I guess because I have so been know somethign triggered the darn migraine but you just can't figure out what it was and than you do and it's as plain as the nose on your face! Glad you figured it out!

  2. I'm not sure if it's just me...but your background isn't working and this post appears blank to me...weird!