Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey you!

Ya You.....stranger reading this post. Please take a second and leave a comment.

I'm such a nosey Nancy. I love checking out my map to see where people have come from to land on my tiny spot in the Blogisphere. Canada, United States, UK, Australia, Malaysia, India and Nepal are some of the most recent. How cool is that!

I wonder how you ended up here. Did you end up here by mistake? A google search gone horribly wrong? Did you come here on purpose?

Please take a minute of your time to leave a comment or say Hi from 'XYZ'. You can be anonymous. I promise not to stalk you.

Thanks for humouring the crazy lady. :)


  1. I like pie.
    Ok whoa that was weird. Have a seat this could take some explainin.
    My nephew Andy was struck and killed a couple of weeks ago.For years He and I would say "I like pie" at random times.
    It would be like...
    "guess what?"
    "I like pie."
    anyway I was just going to leave the odd random comment of "I like pie." on here and begone but then the random captcha word was
    which made me stop and say woah and well this is where yo came in...

  2. You're on my list of blogs to read. I like to look too sometime and see where people are coming from to see my blog. Very cool!

  3. I found your blog through another. I'm enjoying it! Thanks! Ohio

  4. Me here. From up in Canada! I can't remember how I first came to your blog, but you are on my following list, so I'm here to stay!

  5. Schmoochie...I'm not sure if you found me first or I found you first but you are on my blogroll and I love reading you...I'm a slacker commenter though..I'll try to be better!

  6. I always comment, so no getting on my case.

  7. Thanks for all the replies guys!

    Ya'll are the best :)

  8. You know who I am...
    I come check you out from my blog roll...

  9. I almost always comment no getting on my case either! lol. I think I found you through another blog...not sure which one though.

  10. Here's a map pin for Sacramento!

    okay bye!


  11. I am a stat-stalker. I found your blog from you visiting mine. And leaving a comment LoL.