Thursday, May 28, 2009

Satan's Minion has arrived.

IE8 is the Debil in disguise. Beware of it's seductive call. It may look all sexy and blinged out but

My browser has not been the same since Lappy has come back from the shop and I figured a different version than what I had been running was restored. I no likey and decided to throw caution to the wind and download the snazzy, sexy IE8.

All went well at first, it had all sorts of cool apps and features and soon my internet was blinged out.

Then I tried to access some of my favorite pages. I lost count of how many times I was aborted upon loading a page. Half of my favorite bogs were down for the count.

WTF? This was so not acceptable and I immediately went to un-install the offending IE8. While I momentarily mourned the loss of my sexy internet I needed my damn blogs to load.

I went back to plain Jane IE7. It was dark, dingy and not very sexy but if I could read my blogs it was all worth it. Tested out a few webpages and all was good. Made
me a cup o'tea and settled down to read my blog-roll. Wouldn't ya know it. The damn pages would still not load. IE8 infected my internet dammit! I gave it the opportunity to take over and it was not letting me slip away so easily.

I admited defeat and with a shamed and heavy heart I re-installed IE8.

Guess what..... it was like I never removed it in the first place. BLASPHEMY! It had a memory! Freaky shit I tell you. I needed several rum and cokes before I could continue.

So I am making do with what I have, I did discover the 'page compatability' button which seams to help on some pages. But some of my favorite blogs won't load on my laptop. I either have to read at work {a no-no} or get hooked up on Ass-hats desktop.

Bottom line is if I appear to have been ignoring your Blog, you are on the list of Blogs That Do Not Load. Fear not friends, I will get to you in time.

IE8 is evil. Do not be seduced by lightening fast downloads, sparkly tool bars and optimal organization. JUST.DON'T.DO.IT.

Sometimes, older really is better.

Off to download Google Chrome... it looks nice and shiny. :)


  1. Is it the "operation aborted" error, or something like that?

    I get that alot both home and at work if I press refresh and then the back button it sometimes works.

  2. We use Firefox. My husband (the computer guy) swears by it. Me, I don't care as long as it works.

  3. Am I reading a different language in this post?

    Oh my god, I am so behind in technology and computers.