Monday, May 11, 2009

Hockey Night in my town

So tonight is Game 6 in this playoff round. Canucks are up against the wall and MUST win this game to continue.

I am at work. Ask me how happy I am about that..go ahead...ask me....


A} I am missing the game and this is enough to turn me into 'Angry Manager' {a version of Angry Mommy..both equally scary when riled up}

B} If the Canucks win..riot on the street in front of the store. Won't be able to go home until God knows when cause the street gets shut down with all the people cruising and running around 'celebrating'{and I use the term loosely}

C} If the Canucks lose..angry riot on the street in front of the store. Angry drunk pissed off hooligans milling about causing trouble.

Either way, the SWAT team will be rolling into position at about 8pm tonight. I'm not kidding. They need the SWAT team to keep the peace. I will have a front row seat to whatever happens tonight and brought my sleeping bag cause it will be a while before I can leave the parking lot. I only wish I had brought my camera.

Instead of managing the floor tonight I will either be sneaking into the lunchroom to watch or hanging out at the computer wall watching streaming video on the laptops.
Instead of swigging beer I'll be drinking water but it's the thought the counts right?



  1. I'm drinkin' a beer for you RIGHT NOW!!

  2. Well, that just blew all stereotyping / generalization away for me. I thought Canadians were too easygoing and laid back to riot about ANYTHING!
    Go Canucks! (I don't know what I'm rooting for, but I'm a joiner like that. HAHA)