Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

Another Mother's Day done. I honestly don't get the hoopla. Maybe it's because we don't do anything special for the day. Ass-hat's heart is 2 sizes to small so it would not occur to him to do something nice, like breakfast in bed or help Demon Spawn make a card, or give me 'the day off'. I suppose if I told him exactly what he should do for me on Mothers Day it might happen but really, if I have to tell someone to be 'nice' to me is it really worth it? I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't hurt my feelings a little. Doesn't everyone want to feel special for a day?
His theory is that 'You are not my Mother? What do you want from me?" I just have to remember not to expect too much, lower the expectation and maybe I won't be so disappointed next time.

Ok wow, that was a downer. I didn't expect that to all come out. Didn't mean to drag you un-suspecting folk down into the dumps with me. :)

I hope you all had fabulous Mothers Days! I shall live vicariously through you. {kinda creepy ain't I?}

So taking the Mothers Day aspect out of things, today was a pretty good day. I was off from work and the weather was nice.

First on the list was cleaning the house and I recruited a little helper. I had to bribe him with chocolate but at least he helped....

After the house cleaning I got the crazy idea of trying to take pictures of the kid and dog. I know! What the hell was I thinking??? It would have been less painful to jab a fork in my eye. After much crying, yelling, begging and pleading I think I managed to get a few great shots. And yes, I will share far too many of them. After all, it is MY blog and I'll do what I want to.

Well, 3 loads of laundry await me and seeing as how I did not receive a house-boy named Sven as a Mothers Day gift, I guess I have to go fold it.

If anyone has an extra Sven, please send him my way.

Oh and a little voice just yelled out "You're a jerk!" from the bedroom. Someone is not happy to be going to bed. He's going to be even un-happier when he gets his toys taken away for that little outburst. Hold on to your shorts...WW3 is about to start at my house.......


  1. You totally can NOT have my Sven..... oh wait.... I lost him in the last move during a horrific spice rack/christmas tinsel/curtain incident that, due to the gag order, I am not a liberty to discuss.

    I cleaned out the fridge for my Mother's Day... did you really want to live that vicariously? lol

    Those adorable pics are worth all the pain though. You are a great mom and I'm glad you had a good regular day!

  2. adorable boy and dog!! hope everything has calmed down at your house by now.

  3. Sadly, Mother's Day wasn't anything special around here either. Although that was because my husband and I are both sick and it just wouldn't work. Sigh. Maybe next year.

    Great pics!

  4. I hear you! Mothers day is nothing special here's sad isn't it?? We do so much and can't get an ounce of pampering even on Mothers day...maybe next year since the boyfriend has now learnt that all my friends got fabulous mothers day presents...hopefully he takes the hint!