Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angry Mommy


Wow my week is sucking big time. Nothing major, but lots of little annoying things that add up to one giant head-ache.

In no particular order:

1. Laptop is back, I hate it. EVERYTHING has to be reset and changed. I don't like change. I can't get on wireless cause I don't know what the stinkin passwork is to our network. Ass-hat didn't write it down. So I am still stuck in the office where the modem is. He is out of cell phone range and won't be home until Friday

2. I have pictures to post. Using the spare camera, have no idea where the usb cable is to uplaod to the desktop and the compact flash card does not fit into the laptop. Have to wait for Ass-hat to come home to find the damn cable.

3. Dog is driving me insane. I get that she's a hyper puppy but F*CK! Do you have to shit and pee in my kitchen every.damn.day and night? I do not enjoy mopping the f*cking floor at 2am. My kitchen smells like pee because it's soaked into the grout and the grout is bleached from me scrubbing it. Taking the dog for a walk is ridiculous, she fights me the whole way and spends the 30mins choking herself. When Ass-hat comes home he has to make a choice...dog gets a crate during the day/overnight or she goes outside. One or the other.

4. Little J is sleeping with me. Meaning he sleeps and I get pushed, kicked and generally woken up every hour. For a little person he's hell to sleep with.

5. I gouged a hole in my hand at work yesterday. I probably should have had stitches and a tetanus shot but couldn't leave the store.

6. I have had a headache for 3 days. I just want to go to bed but I can't because if I go to bed too early the dog will pee all over the kitchen. sense the theme here?

7. The desktop computer is making some weird noise and it won't stop. Can't turn it off as it is entertaining my child. God forbid he talks to me.

8. I missed garbage day.

9. I broke my hairdryer this morning. I looked like a homeless person all fuzzed out and unruly.

10 Lappy is making some clicking noises....would not be surprised if it explodes and I have to send it in again.

I hope to be cheerier soon as being this cranky takes a lot of effort.

Stick a fork in me folks for I am done.


  1. I just got super depressed reading your blog. Now I have to go take a happy pill! I should share with you...=)

  2. Yikes. You should seek medical attention so that you can get some valium or xanax or something. At least then you wont care that you have all that going on. Or drink.

  3. Um, can I just say that I hope you continue to use "Ass Hat" because I'm literally laughing me ASS off!

  4. I too love the term Asshat!

    Sorry it's been such a rough week.

  5. You need a vacation. Stat. My husband just installed a new operating system on my computer and I lost all of my settings. Of course, I am having to reset all my passwords because I don't remember what any of them are. It sucks.