Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I got nothin to contribute today. Too dang tired. But....

I wanted to post a pic of something I saw on the weekend.

That my friends, is a French Fry Vending machine! Have you ever heard of such a thing? How would one even think of needing a Fry Vending machine?
I can't even fathom how that would work? What kind of person actually BUYS fries out of a vending machine? How do they fry? Are there Leprechauns hanging out by a deep fryer tucked in the back just waiting for the Twoonie to clink? {note: Twoonie is a Canadian $2 coin}

I watched it for a while hoping some schmuck would come up and buy some so I could rubber-neck but alas, no one ventured up to it. And I work too damn hard for my $2 to buy some myself. So um ya, if anyone has tried it let me know!


  1. Can they really call it "FRESH" fries when it comes out of a vending machine??

  2. I hate spending money. But I would have filed the $2 under the "recreation and entertainment." lol.

    I saw an icecream vending machine once. That was wild.

  3. I just recently heard of the ice cream vending machine...but this fry one is all new to me! Wow...weird...but unlike you I totally would have had to try them lol.

  4. That is totally bizarre! I might have tried it. LOL!

    I have an award for you...come see me on Momster. :)

  5. Okay...(1) I think the word twoonie is funny! I've never heard it before and I may try to work this in to every day language and (2) I would TOTALLY put in my 2 dollars to buy me some french fries from the vending machine!