Friday, April 17, 2009

Odds n' Ends

Just a bunch of well, random bits that don't really mean a dang thing. I go into a hockey coma in the Spring. It's a yearly condition known as NHL Play-offs. There is Hockey Night in Canada on EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. This is better than sex. And did I mention the Playoff towels? I have a playoff towel from the last 10 years my team made it to the playoffs. It's one of those weird things that I collect. Don't you feel better knowing that?

We are transferring/backing up the thousands of pictures and videos from our desktop to an external drive because we are buying a new desktop. Oh my goodness. We spent about 2 hours just watching video's of Little J {you know the quick 30 second ones you get from your camera}. What a cute little toddler he was! There is one video of him at about 2.5 y/o and he's still got his big blonde curls and his daddy is asking him to say "Ravioli, Hospital, Oh My Goodness" and a few others. It is sweet enough to make my teeth hurt. Where did my cute little baby go? Why wasn't I paying attention.

Tahoe is getting BIG! She is now 19.4lbs at 10 weeks old. We should have named her 'Hoover' as everything near her gets sucked into her mouth. If she breaks loose from the kitchen she bee-lines it to the playroom, grabs the closest toy and books it back to the kitchen under the table to happily chew/eat her prize. Big J is quite pleased with himself as Tahoe knows several tricks and is still so young.

..and yes, I know I sound like a braying donkey when I laugh.

I've just started cleaning with vinegar and baking soda and I gotta say.. I am impressed! I was hesitant to give up my bleach, especially with a peeing puppy in the house but the bleach was killing the grout in my tile kitchen. And it's non-toxic

Crud...Big J and I just flipped a coin as to who would wash the dishes. I lost. I always lose. Bloody hell.

I will be out of town and without Lappy as he is acting up and his battery is dead so I am sending him in for repair while I am away. {Is it odd that I've named my laptop? What? Doesn't everybody?} So I may not be around for a few weeks. Try to miss me just a little please? Pretty please?

......Don't forget me while I'm gone {my heart will break}.....Guess the song and band and win a prize. The band was the first CD I ever bought, along with Billy Idol and Platinum Blonde. I love the 80's.

Have a good coupla weeks and stay safe.

Anyone want to come over and wash some dishes with me?


  1. LLOOOLLLL I ADORE your blog title. genius!

  2. I can get lost in those 30 second videos!! I just looked at my sone today and realized the toddler is gone :( I have a little boy now It makes me sad.... Hope Lappy gets fixed soon! :)

  3. Of course you will be missed!!!