Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ball Hockey is here!

Little J has started Ball Hockey. This is our first foray into team sports and well, we may need to adjust our expectations a tad. Band Camp really isn't that bad.....

Is it? I went to Band Camp and look at me.....perfectly phlucked up. Oh dear...

Little J has the attention span of 3.2 seconds {see Easter Post} so he spends most of the hour spinning in circles in the middle of the rink. He will take out someones eye if they stray too close.

He is the smallest player. Period. Even the girls are bigger! The division is for kids born in 2003/2004 so he is playing with 5+ year olds but still, he looks like a midget. {no offence to Little People}

He comes off the rink at least 4 times 'for a drink of water'. dumb does Mommy look?

He has no interest in chasing the ball, scoring goals or even stopping the ball when HE's in goal. Kinda defeats the purpose eh?

I'm fairly certain that the other parents are talking behind their hands about the little, un-co-ordinated, non-athletic but very cute kid on the other team. I swear I can feel the pitying stares. Fortunately, Little J doesn't seem to give a hoot that he sucks, so why do I feel bad?

I gotta learn to chill out. So he might not be some sort of athlete. It's not supposed to be about me. I need to support him no matter what he decides to do with his life. Something like becoming a drag-queen may take me some time to adjust though. :)

I just hope to god he's smart. I can't afford to send him to University on my own. I need scholarship $$$.

At least he's cute. If he learns how to use his baby-blues, he may be able to coast though life without a care in the world. {or employable skills}

Oh ya... and his team is the Delta Yellow Bananas. How freakin adorable is that??


In his's so big it looks like a dress :)


  1. We have an elementary school across the street from us and every spring they have rec league sports on their fields. We go out and watch the littlest ones play soccer and football. It is HYSTERICAL. They are like a swarm of bees following the ball or a piece of paper that floats across the field.

    I'm sure J will get better. If not, that cuteness will work wonders.

  2. As a soccer coach to kids K-3.....he sounds totally normal to me. Really.

  3. Wait! I think I saw another midget in that one photo! lol - I am sure all the parents think the same thing. There's probably another one there wishing to high heaven her little one would stop picking their nose. :)

  4. Precisely the reason I didn't fork out any money for Riley to play at that Though I've seen 'little' kids play organized sports and it's so darn adorable.

    I hope Little J learns to love it.

  5. Thanks for the support ladies.

    I just want him to have fun and learn how to be part of a team. {and the hockey-mom in me wants to make the next NHL star}

    I'll just start drinking before games and then I won't care as everything will be warm and fuzzy :)