Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pee Yer Pants Excited

Today is MonsterJam and to say Little J is excited is an understatement! He is practically vibrating. The Boy of a Million Questions is in fine form and let me tell you, I'm happy to go to work for a few hours to get some peace and quiet. He won't let me wear his earmuffs... "Mommy," he says in his best serious voice while shaking his hand at me "These are for little boys so they don't get hurt. You need to get your own. Safety first Mommy".

Came thisclose to smothering Big J with his pillow last night. Not only did he steal all the covers, he proceded to snore, snort and flop around on the bed like a dying trout. He wonders why I wake up angry....Doh! It's no wonder I'm exhausted. Sleeping is an extreme sport in my house.

The not smoking thing is going well, the saving money thing...not so well. I seem to have replaced the smoking habit with a venti white chocolate mocha habit. Good god, I have been to Starbucks more in the last week then in the previous year!

Good news is I gained 2 pounds this week . Bad news is I think it's all in my butt. Why not the boobies?? Why oh Why??

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