Thursday, January 29, 2009

Midnight is the witching hour

AAHHHHH Why are the nights the hardest? I have to be AT work in 6 hours and haven't gone to bed yet. I want a smoke dammit! I'm ready to rip off this damn patch and chew on it! This quitting thing sucks ass. The first week was 'fun' and exciting and now the thrill is gone and it's just damn hard. I've tried quitting hundreds of times with acupuncture, medication, hypnosis, cold turkey, pregnant Why would THIS time be successful?

I have a picture on my fridge that I 'borrowed' from the security cameras at work . It's of an old woman who came in the store. She had an oxygen tank and line up her nose, couldn't walk very well, couldn't talk due to a trache in her throat. She had to use a cart to lug her tank and herself around the store. While shopping she had a massive coughing fit and I was seriously worried that she would drop dead. The kicker?....

She reeked of smoke and the first thing she did when she left the store was light up a smoke!!!

I printed her picture so that I see this woman everytime I want to smoke. I do not want to 'grow up' and be like her. No way in hell would I put my kid through that.

Wow, that was a morbid post wasn't it? I need to go back to blowing sunshine out my ass. Or at least go to sleep so I am somewhat smart for work. :)

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  1. You can do it, you can do it! Hell, if I kicked butts, anyone can. (that being said, if you take a couple of spills off the wagon, don't be too hard on yourself...there is always tomorrow!) I will be your cheerleader and will check in to see how you are doing...
    Gimme an E, gimme an M, P, H, A, S, E, M, A....what does that spell?

    Good luck...hang in there!