Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy kids

So we are going to Monster Jam on Saturday night. It will be Little J's first time. I hope he likes it. It's going to be very loud and he's um a pansy and he freaks out at the oddest things. We went today to buy him protective earmuffs. There goes $40 so my kid won't go deaf. LOL!

Now for the rest of the day he has looked for ANY excuse to put them on.."Mommy the car is too loud", "Mommy the dishwasher is too loud", "Mommy can I wear them in the bath? The water hurts my ears". And he wonders why I sit there and laugh. He also asked me to take his picture so he could show his friends at school.

I tried them on myself, I couldn't hear a damn thing. I liked it! I had a blessed 5mins of absolute silence. I may have discovered Nirvana. :)

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