Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's the thought that counts.

I just messaged Ass-hat on Facebook. It was about an act on America's Got Talent.
What's wrong with that you might be thinking......

Well, we are both IN the house watching it. I'm in the living room on the laptop, he is in the office on the desktop. Now my house is not that large, it's not like one of us is hanging out in the west wing or anything. He is close enough that I can hear him crunching his chips. {that's a whole 'nother post}

Have I become so technologically reliant and complacent that I no longer have the will to get my arse off the couch, shuffle the 100ft or so down the hallway, poke my head into his office, make eye contact and say "Hey that act was pretty neat huh!"

God forbid we actually watch the same show on the same TV in the same room, together.

The 25lb kitty sprawled on my lap would tear me to shreds if I dare disturb him so I think I will just continue to send my little messages of love through the worldwide web, bouncing signals from earth to space and back again. It appears as though I put much more thought and effort into my communication instead of simply bellowing "Did you take the garbage out?!" at the top of my lungs. Right?


  1. LOL...sometimes convenience is toooo convenient yes? And no one wants you torn apart by a disturbed kitty cat. 25 lbs? Oh my. :)

  2. Briege is only 4 1/2 pounds but she takes it as a personal affront if I so much as reposition as she is sitting on me. I've ignored just about everything not to disturb her at times. But then, I sort of enjoy ignoring the outside world when I can.

    You don't sound lazy, just aware of your cats needs...or demands.~Mary

  3. Me and my friend do this when I'm visiting her. That is just how we are used to communicating with one another.

  4. you are so not alone here. I do this all the time.

  5. We haven't quite resorted to this...but almost...lol.

  6. You aren't alone in this practice. I prefer it though because I HATE when people talk to me from another room.