Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Yes folks it's Back To School Time once again!!!!

What this means for me running the number 1 school supply destination is 3 weeks of complete and un-ending horror. I don't have time to pee let alone eat, sleep or Blog. :(

I will spend the next 3 weeks drunk on lack of sleep and RedBull. You may not hear from me again until mid Sept. :)

School supplies are pretty basic. A pencil is a pencil, a notebook is a notebook and a crayon is a crayon. Yes? Well apparently not. Thousands of stressed out parents freaking out because the school list says "Dixon Pencils" and I carry "Papermate Pencils" Don't worry dude, you child will NOT fail grade1 because of a dixon pencil!

We've made it very EASY to find supplies...dumped everything you need in giant green bins clearly labeled. We have copies of the school lists. We have put giant signs on the bins. Yet people still walk up to me and ask "Where are your school supplies?"
I turn 360degrees, arms out-stretched and reply "Uh, you're standing in the middle of them"

Seriously people, you make school supplies far more complicated than it needs to be and we pay the price.

I will no doubt have some hilarious stories to tell as the days go by, like last year when some one's dog crapped in one of the aisles {they must have snuck it in their bag} So there I am, crouched on the floor cleaning up dog poop and people are STILL asking me to show them where stuff is!!! I so wanted to say say "Ok here, hold this paper towel full of dog crap and I'll show you where the 5 stacks of binders are..."

So my public service announcement today is: When you are out school supply shopping, please be patient with the people who work there. You are the 100th person to ask the exact same question, the cashiers cannot ring through items any faster, there are only 6 registers in the store, we can't walk you around and do your list for you, if your class list is not in the file I was unable to get it from the school district or the website and I can't magically pull one out of my ass, if the sales floor associate is wearing a sweater and holding their lunch please do not ask them to help you find the pencil sharpeners {which you happen to be standing right in front of} and a THANK YOU goes a long way to the people who are working their butts off for you.

It's off to work I go. Got my body armour and Depends on. Wish me luck!!

Sorry if it's jummbled and stuff, I skipped making breakfast to post before running out the door. :)


  1. Bless your heart! I can't imagine what you're going through right now. I hope it slows down and gets better for you soon!
    and um...I MAY be one of "those people" your refering to - when you said Dixon pencils - I freaked for a moment - WTH? I was suppose to get a certain kind of pencil...
    LOL! I PROMISE to do better and always say thank you! :) Hope you have a great day!

  2. Oh F - I forgot about school supply shopping! When is the best aka least busy time to shop? First thing in the morning or at night? (please don't say 2 months ago.)

  3. This is the first year we actually a list of sorts (usually we just pay a fee and be done with it)...and I couldn't believe the brand specific stuff...does it really matter what kind of pencil??? Urgh.

    Good luck to least my school shopping hell ends in about 2 shopping've got weeks of it to contend with lol.

  4. "Got my body armour and Depends on" GOOD LUCK!!!! But seriously, that was a great post, funny! Hope it goes better than expected!