Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have a tumour.......

No, seriously I do. The side of my neck is swollen and it hurts to swallow. The alternative {flu} is nore horrible to contemplate.

Trust me..... I'd rather have a tumour than catch the flu.

Damn germs. Apparently the hourly dosing of hand sanitizer and the avoiding of all personal conduct {including *cough* marital relations *cough*} has not done me any good. I suppose this means I can go back to licking random people??

Maybe it's just a giant pimple gone astray??

Anything but the flu........


  1. You are...odd.

    I'd rather have the flu.

  2. Yes, you may go back to licking random people, as all good moms should.

  3. Please don't lick me. I'm kinda weird about that.

  4. I'm gonna go for... blocked sinus tube. Or something.

    Ignore it! Lick people!

  5. I personally liked to be licked. I suspect there are others out there that also enjoy a good licking. I'm sure it's not a tumor. Maybe your pregnant in your neck. Just could totally make yourself famous--like the octomom--but we'd probably call you Neckmom or something less cheesy.