Friday, October 23, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

So I am heading East for a business trip on Saturday. Have I mentioned how much I loathe flying!?!?? Ugh.

I get to spend the next 3 days surrounded my people. People in the airport, people on the plane, people at the hotel, people at the conference. Don't get me wrong, I generally like people, just not that much people at once. I'd like to be able to pick my nose or remove a wedgie without being watched. :)

I am leaving Ass-Hat in charge of the household and it's occupants. How much damage can he do in 3 days?? I've taped a big note to the computer,"FEED THE CATS" and a note on the fridge, "FEED THE CHILD SOME FRUIT" I'm not convinced either will happen more than once during my absence.

I think the time away from home may do me some good. Little J was diagnosed with ADHD this week and I have a lot of information to absorb. Ass-Hat is not dealing very well. We are exploring all the options and have some decisions to make about medicating or not medicating. It just breaks my heart because Little J is such a smart little boy but his inability to sit still, pay attention and concentrate is getting in his way. Perhaps now his Battle Ax teacher will get off my back about his "disruptive behaviour' while giving me the 'you suck as a parent' hairy eyeball.

Anybody out there with some experience about ADHD???

I leave you with a recent pic {August} of the demon child and the 'damn dog'.



  1. Only from the point of view of a teacher. I'm no medical expert. I will say, ADHD seems to correlate pretty strongly to intelligence, so you can at least comfort yourself with the thought that you have a Very Smart Demon Child!


  2. Such a great picture...hope you get some enjoyment from your next three days away!

  3. my child was always a million steps ahead of me. teachers grew frustrated. child grew up thinking that something was wrong with them - and has a supreme inferiority complex. MEDICATE him - so he can focus and will be able to achieve great things. without the medication he won't be able to do the simplest things and will only be angry with himself. medication will level out once he's on it for a couple weeks. wish i had known about ADHD the medications (only ritalin was available) then... that was 30 years ago... and my child still suffers !

  4. cute picture of demon child and his demon dog!! :)

    Did the guys survive without you? Hope your trip was a good one even if it was business.

  5. One of my friends has a daughter with ADHD. She didn't want to medicate at all, but finally decided to do so and it's made a world of difference. Her daughter is able to sit still and concentrate on her studies now. She's able to focus a lot more and it hasn't affected her fun loving personality. I don't have any children, so what I share is based on what my friend has shared with me. I imagine it must be a difficult decision to make!